The Most Important Piece of Equipment In This Photo, Is…

Things I learned last night,

  • 10 degree’s MEANS TEN DEGREEs. If your bag is rated for 15, bring a blanket.
  • Boot Inserts make GREAT slippers!
  • Sleeping on the snow is def colder than not sleeping on the snow
  • A full moon is a great nightlight.
  • It’s hard to eat an MRE with gloves on.
  • Traditional Butane Stove’s don’t work well below 10F.
  • Double wall tents- keep you 10 DEGREEs warmer.
  • Trekking polls are for old people.. AND THEY ARE SIMPLY AMAZING! Great for fending off wild animals too.
  • You can’t start a fire with frozen wood. Bring some biodiesel.

Coffee- the answer is the coffee.

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